International conference

History versus Propaganda: Relating to the Past in Contemporary Russia

9 – 10 December 2015
Velkoprevorsky Palace, Velkoprevorske namesti 4, 110 00 Prague 1

Did the period of propaganda and the manipulation of history end with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet empire? How can distorted history affect current events? A look at contemporary Russia offers some disturbing answers. Thanks to research into Soviet repression, the wealth of knowledge is growing. However, public discourse in Russian tends to ignore it. The official authorities are pressing for a different interpretation of history – in accordance with a priori patterns, more often than not along the lines of the Soviet regime. And institutions which set out to study history critically are facing difficulties.

In the majority Czech society, what has been happening in Russia has not yet sparked any response – despite our own historical experience. But do we have enough information? The aim of the conference is to create a platform for a direct, unmediated encounter with current events happening in Russia and thus to enrich the Czech debate about them.


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